Launched in 2013 by Alex Jackson, Century Castings is a prop design and build company specialising in the design and manufacture of bespoke and replica props as well as mixed media model kits based on original and classic designs. Set up as a family business, Century Castings offers a dedicated design and build service to film, TV, theatre, cos play and merchandisers in the model kit industry. Please browse our store where you will find an extensive range of original designs and replica props or feel free to Email your requirements to

"We take great pride in our work and strive to offer good quality products at affordable prices". 


My daughter and myself at Century Casting workshop













Blake's 7 Liberator gun prop replicas are now available!



Liberator com panels now available.

Faithful reproductions of this prop, built using authentic materials and modeled on a screen used prop.

  • Exact dimensions of the orginals.
  • Correct colour.
  • Working button and light.
  • Strong composite construction.


Eagle transporter hanger:

Built as a commission for the Todd Morton collection, this large diorama was designed to be built in kit form and has become a popular model kit within the science fiction model making community.

Cast in polyurethane liquid plastic the detail on this model is outstanding. The model was mastered by Alex Jackson.

Spectrum officers sidearm:

Originally created for the Anthony Warwood collection, the brief for this prop was to reacreate a 1:3 scale puppet prop and upscale it to 3:1.

The finished model was made from dyed polyurethane (handle and top) and cold cast aluminium (trigger, barrel and chamber). The brief called for a superb quality reproduction.

The prop was contructed in kit form and moulds made to enable polyurethane kits to be cast and marketed as inexpensive model kits.

Proton Pistol

A commission for Russel Mosely's Captain Proton cosplay. This large prop was mastered in various materials and then molded in kit form.

Parts were cast is cold cast aluminium to give a realistic finished piece. The client was delighted with his prop.