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Space 1999 1:24 scale Travel Tube car model kit

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A new release and a short run of casts.

1:24 scale travel tube car kits consisting of 5 polyurethane parts and instructions.

Completed car model measures 255mm x 128mm

You can expect some minor work on these kits (like all resin kits) but they have been de-pour plugged and washed in house.

Acrylic stands are now available for this kit.

  • Hollow tube.
  • Doors can be open or closed.
  • High quality casts. 
  • very easy to build and paint.
  • Tube car ends and door mastered by Bill Oram.
  • Tube mastered by Alex Jackson.

Some kind words from one of the first buyers of this kit:

Philip Dennis "I can vouch for this model as mine came this morning. As you would expect from Alex, it's a superb model and BIG! The main body is ten inches long and really well cast.Should go together with the minimum of fuss. Well worth the money for the size & quality. Another winner from Century Castings."

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