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space: 1999 side boosters set for 44" eagle transporter.


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A set of 4 side boosters cast in top quality polyurethane resin.

This is a heavy set and international shipping is costly.

The casts will need cleanup and filling. The parts are pressure cast but will contain some air bubbles.

Please allow 14 days before dispatch so I can catch up with casting. I will ship your boosters as soon as I can and you will be informed via email when I do so.

The boosters will be shipped in 2 boxes, 2 boosters in each box beacuse of the weight of the parts and shipping costs.

The sale includes a set of 4 side booster resin casts as shown in the photos but does not include the EMA detailing parts or decals needed to finish your model.

Masters were built by Richard Lamer.